Jack's Lament..
2004-09-30 05:44:16 ET

a sad day it is today.. why?

lets start out with it simple.. my kitten scratched my face today.. so i came to school with a big scratch on my cheek. a girl asked me what it was, i told her. she began explaining how much she hates cats. then began to tell me a nice little story. Here's her story:

"every halloween me and my friends go out and find cats, snap their necks, and hang them on their owner's porch so they find them in the morning"

this 16 year old girl said this with a big smile on her face. as if i was suppossed to laugh about this tragic act. i explained to her that she was a monster, and deserves to have her neck snapped and be hung outside her mothers porch.

how can there being human beings like this??! i cant understand how you can grab a crying cat, break their neck, and if that isnt bad enough, hang their lifeless.. sad.. bodies from a porch for the loving owner to see and cry about for years.

what is happening to society?

and this girl seemed so normal.. so.. ahh.. i cant even think of words.

2004-09-30 05:55:10 ET

5:1 says she was lying.

2004-09-30 05:57:21 ET

no she seemed very proud of it, and when i yelled at her, she said , "uhh.. well, just my guy friends do it, i dont really touch the cat" like she was trying to cover it up so i would still like her.

but i really hope she was lying because this is.. disguisting

2004-10-02 20:56:04 ET

report her. shes mentally unstable. there has to be someone to call, thats animal abuse and its illegal. even if they cant do anything directly they will probably create a file for her if you say something.

2004-10-02 20:56:14 ET

or break her kneecaps. whichever.

2004-10-02 20:56:43 ET

very gummo.

2004-10-02 20:59:41 ET

Report her. What a sicko. Even if she is lying about it, she is STILL a sicko.

Yet another reason I keep my cat indoors, away from all the sick fucks of the world. Grrr...

2004-10-02 22:46:37 ET

She's lying or you need to report her. Either way, scare her straight. Ahh...how am I going to sleep now...

2004-10-03 05:36:42 ET

welcome to the apathetic north american society where murder is art and art is murder. This is just one more reason I say, "nuke 'em all. Let God sort 'em out!"

2004-10-04 04:22:20 ET


im going to tell a counselour that she told me that and let them decide if they want to speak with her about it.

and i dont think she'll know i told coz she was telling the whole class like she was proud of it

also, that IS why i keep my cats inside.

2004-10-04 20:10:20 ET


Yeah, I hate how smart people have to basically live in fear of stupid people. :-p

2004-10-05 02:49:46 ET

i don't fear stupid people. I just avoid them.

2004-10-05 05:23:28 ET

eh, i fear the stupid people, their the ones who make the scarey mistakes and the dumb decisions that will kill us all.

2004-10-05 05:47:51 ET

only the masses will die. i don't consider myself among the masses, so i guess i'm lucky.

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