yay html!
2004-10-13 06:23:29 ET

messin with colors and cursors is fun! :-D

ooooo... colors!

my tenticals! where are my tenticals!?

hehe.. watching too much invader zim

2004-10-13 06:25:28 ET

nice colors :-)

i've never seen invader zim... but i've been hearin' a lot about it lately O_o

2004-10-13 06:44:06 ET

its hilarious!

and GIR is so cute!

2004-10-13 06:48:35 ET

haha... i gotta see that show sometime

2004-10-13 06:51:41 ET

i dont have cable or anything, so i see it by downloading it on Kazaa, coz im poor.

2004-10-13 06:56:08 ET

yea... hmmmm... if kazaa didn't mess up everything on my puter i'd use it more

2004-10-13 07:11:16 ET

you can rent em from buttlobster, err i mean blockbuster!

2004-10-13 07:14:25 ET


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