2004-10-14 05:33:04 ET

why are people so corrupted?
Lost Children Of Rockdale County

2004-10-14 06:08:11 ET

ive seen this documentary like 3 or 4 years ago.
this was made after they had an outbreak of the clap amust teens in conyers.

2004-10-14 06:13:09 ET

ya its crazy right?

2004-10-14 06:26:48 ET

yes, theres one scene where they interveiwed this girl and she was talking about how she was coverd in cum from group sex, and how some girls did it to feel cool.

2004-10-14 06:28:24 ET

eww thats disguisting!

2004-10-14 06:30:38 ET

i saw the video @ pheonix many years ago in the same class as tommy.
now what does that tell you it was a looong ass time ago.

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