Beer Olympics
2004-10-19 05:39:21 ET

It was fun the first night, the second night we ended up not going after a failed attempt to spike james' hair (its just too long, i cant spike it). The third night we went and there we NO skinheads.. all little punk kids comming to see conflict. and with little punk kids come fights. 2 kids got in a fight coz of something that happened in the moshing and 3 kids got kicked out for making threats at a band that was playing. i ended up missing 2 classes on monday coz i got home at 2:30 am, and i only got 6 hrs of sleep last night.. i plan the sleep the whole afternoon and all night, however, i have to do some math work.. so still little sleep for me.

it occured to me, IM A SENIOR! maybe i should have a little more pride in my school or at least make this year memorable, this is my last chance at high school, i gotta make it count. and im really not gonna get another job after Spirit closes coz i need sleep man.. and i need to really kill myself with school, i need to make straight A's to boost my GPA this year.

::stabs self::

less entry and more doing webdesign, which is what im suppossed to be doing right now.

mood - tired
music - none..

2004-10-19 06:49:31 ET

those fat ass skins were hollerin "faggot" @ total chaos.
and threw shit @ the band, and promptly got kicked out.
fuckers, if security didnt aust them me and few dudes would have, mainly that fat kid in the misfits shirt and otehr dude in the leather jacket.

2004-10-19 07:08:57 ET

ya but they didnt just throw stuff, when the guy was like "i got stabbed in the back" later those guys were like "im going to stab you! im going to kill you after the show!" i think thats just retarded..

some good news i lured two 17 yr old kids to be sign walkers at spirit. i just hope they actually come in and fill out an app.

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