2004-10-25 07:01:26 ET

Im makin a blogspot journal now.. coz im bored. i dont have internet anymore so i can only get online at school.. and i have to work everyday this week except for tuesday coz i have a dentist appointment.

im gonna miss the Against Me show coz i have to work ::cries::

2004-10-25 09:32:53 ET

bull doodie, your gonna go in novmber!

2004-10-26 04:29:16 ET

metallica is playing in november too!! i will love you forever if you get me tickets!!

2004-10-26 06:03:08 ET

HA HA, im not paying $80+ for a single ticket, fuck metallica!

2004-10-26 06:58:56 ET

i know, i looked up the prices, its 77$ for a floor ticket.. i guess i'll just have to wait until like10 yrs from now. ha.

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