Kill Me Please
2004-10-28 07:16:06 ET

so tired..

yes james i know its my fault im tired.. im stretching myself thin with work and school.. but theres nothing i can do about it now.. 4 days till halloween, im suppossed to go to a party saturday night, i might tell her i cant go.. i need sleep.

work up this morning and realized i have no clean underwear, i was late for school coz i had to wash my clothes.. still no clean underwear right now.

my room smells like a litterbox, and my car is growing mold in the center console.

i need a vacation.

2004-10-28 08:14:27 ET

im sorry about your center console....

2004-10-28 08:17:20 ET

ya right, i had to use a glove to get the moldy napkin out of it.

2004-10-28 08:17:59 ET

i did not do it on pourpose....

2004-10-28 08:29:03 ET

i know baby, dont worry im not mad at you for it.

2004-10-28 08:36:37 ET

ok good.
cuz i did do it on pourpose!!

just kidding.

2004-10-28 08:40:39 ET


im seriously tired though.. gotta work at 3.

im so hungry but i dont have time to eat.

2004-10-28 08:57:27 ET

thats bad.
you outta make your employer pay for your food!

2004-10-29 04:27:37 ET

donald's gonna buy my lunch on saturday coz im working 10 hrs.

so youre not mad at me right baby?

2004-10-29 05:24:32 ET

nope not @ all.

im more mad @ myself, now that pointless i need to go see a dentist urgently.
well not just yet im not in any pain, but i cannot take anymore advil either....

2004-10-29 05:29:09 ET

i know baby, if your grama can loan you the money until next friday, you should make an apointment for like next week sometime, i dont like thinking about you being in a bunch of pain, and i know how much it sucks.

2004-10-29 05:30:19 ET

she is willing actually.
i woke up @ 3am cuz of the pain.
but now i feel no pain which is strange....
i hope the dentist is open on saturday..........

2004-10-29 05:38:55 ET

no, theyre open mon-fri usually, and you have to set an appointment, which means they might night have one available until like tuesday or something, the earlier you car the earlier your app will be

2004-10-29 08:07:15 ET

no no i can just say its an emergency, and they will do it right then and there!

2004-11-01 05:02:58 ET

ya but an emergancy app will cost an arm and a leg and a couple of eyes.

2004-11-01 06:53:10 ET

not realy....
but yeah..

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