F-ckin 16 yr olds.
2004-10-29 05:34:52 ET

i got 2 kids hired at my store as Sign Walkers, all they have to do is put on a costume and stand on the side of the road with a sign. and they get paid to do it.

one of them never came in at all.

the other came in one day, acted like everything was cool and never came in again.

i tried to blow it off, but it started making me angry, im gonna be working at this store next year, i dont wanna look bad to my manager coz i brought in some irresponsible kids to work with us.

so i decided to confront the kid, about 5 minutes ago.
i asked him why he never came in again, he was like "coz it sucked" so i yelled at him about how stupid he was to turn down a job where you get paid to stand on a road. then i yelled about how im the stupid one for hiring a stupid 16 yr old. then i walked away, the teacher was like "ya, you got burned!" or whatever the saying is.

stupid kids.

2004-10-29 08:11:59 ET

ohhh burn!...

2004-10-29 17:41:02 ET

That kid could be flipping burgers and asking you if you want fries with that, and he thought standing by the road sucked?
Yeeeeah, right...

2004-11-01 05:04:48 ET

ya exactly, oh well, hes dumb and ya gonna get a job at mcdonalds probably.

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