Last Day On The Job
2004-11-01 05:59:43 ET

last night was our last day that the halloween store was open, we had a 50% off sale so there were hordes of people running in. we were only open for 4 hours, 12-4, coz we didnt wanna waste our whole day. well, at about 4:10 we locked the entrance door so no more people could get in, but we let the people already in there finish shopping and leave, when the exit door opened to let someone out this woman and her husband tryed to run in and we stopped them and were like "mam we're closed no more customers" and her husband said fuck you to us, and they left. a few minutes later the exit door opened again and she walked in and we tryed to stop her agian but all she did was flick us off and keep walking. she got a mask and tried to come through my line to check out, of course since she was so mean i was going to take advantage of my ability to refuse service to rude customers. i got the Assist manager to tell her to leave, they got in a big arguement and she was trying to say that we wouldnt let her in coz shes black, and we were like no we wouldnt let you in coz we're closed! so the assist manager was like "mam leave me store now!" so she spit in my face and walked out. of course i immediately reached for the monitor preparing to throw it at her, but instead i threw the hand held scanner on the floor and ran to the back crying.

i sat there in the back until the assist manager came in to calm me down.

i just dont understand why i did nothing wrong, did i deserve to be spit on when i was only trying to tell the woman that we are closed!?

you dont go into a store and bargin with them about weather they are closed or not, theyre closed! too bad come back when they are open!

i feel bad coz the stephen (the asist manager) hugged me for like 5 mintues while i was crying, but i needed it.

so, later the manager said that if he had seen it he wouldve called the cops on her for battery. anyway, then we had a drawing for who gets the DVD player in the store, one of my co-workers won it, but then he said that i could have it coz he already has one.

ugh.. anyway, no more halloween store. i think i deserve more sleep now.

2004-11-01 06:57:37 ET

mission accomplished, you still have your sanity!

2004-11-01 07:03:11 ET

i know right, i came out alive and not crazy.

i still have a busy week this week, but its all over finally, going to work and school everyday, never again!

when i got to college youre gonna have to work the most.


2004-11-01 09:44:40 ET

......mumble grumble......

2004-11-03 06:04:02 ET

ur gonna hate it i know..
i'll work on the weekends, but i dont wanna go through school and work mon-fri for 4 to 6 years.

i'll kill myself.

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