Oh Canada!
2004-11-03 05:30:18 ET

i need some information on Brittish Columbia, Canada

whoever knows these questions, please answer.

  • Sales tax in BC 7%

  • Minimum wage in BC 8$/hr

  • average home prices

  • How much income tax is taken out of your paycheck?

those are just a few things that i need to know.

i hope someone helps me with this.
if not i'll look it up as soon as Google quits freezing.

PS - I have reduced lunch at school now!
it costs me 40 cents for lunch instead of $1.75!!

2004-11-03 09:15:37 ET

good for you claiming poor status and eating with the help of otehr ignorant tax payers, good for you!

2004-11-04 04:06:57 ET

mwa haha.. im so glad im poor and theres stupid rich people.

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