2004-11-08 05:33:00 ET

my teacher just told me that i cant go to this site because theres the ability to reply to peoples posts. when i asked him what was offensive or against school rules on the site, he had no answer. I asked him what i was doing that would make him ban me from a site, was i disrupting class? did he actually see me posting comments? was i looking at nudity?
all he said was "it doesnt matter if its against school rules, i dont like so dont ever go to it again." i continued to put up a fight because there were other kids actually going to sites that are against the rules.
but this is my Administrative Services teacher, he acts like a boss. on the first day of school, the first thing he said was:

"This classroom is not a democracy, its a dictatorship. and I am the dictator"

so after he "yelled" at me, my response was "at least this is my last year and i dont have to deal with you for too much longer" then i walked away..

2004-11-08 07:50:05 ET

Sorta sounds like a teacher I had in middle school.. lol... You couldn't do anything in his class but watch everything he did unless he tells you to do homework.. and he's one of those teachers that walked past the desks while we were 'doin our homework'... Never get caught doin anything else.. TRUST me! lol... Dun remember his name though.. LOL!!

2004-11-09 09:10:44 ET

Stupid crazy strict teachers.

2004-11-10 05:30:32 ET

ya i was just like.. umm.. thats stupid, but its "administrative services" so he made me come up with a synonym for stupid, so i told him it was ridiculous.. ehh, synonyms..

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