2004-11-09 07:06:00 ET

i never liked Macs, but i gotta get one.. theyre starting to woo me with their wonderful colors and crisp images...

Soon to be mine.. once i get another job in May.
Power Mac G5

i cant wait!

2004-11-09 20:38:42 ET

i dont like the OS.
g5 may be pretty inside...but i like moding my machines..making them..

macs to propriority but those g5 sure have some power.

2004-11-10 05:35:11 ET

im more afriad of not understanding the stuff coz im used to windows..

i'd like to build my comp too but im being lazy.. this laziness is gonna cost me like 1000$ though.

and thats what im lookin for ..power.. at least when it comes to graphics n such. i hear Macs are great for graphic editing.

2004-11-10 13:01:02 ET

Macs are great for video editing. I do all my graphic editing on pc...but damn apples does make grate monitors. WHen i get rich i am gonna get one and buy the cheap adapter.

2004-11-11 04:23:35 ET

haha, i just wanna make my brother buy it...

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