2004-11-10 06:31:31 ET

my back is killing me today..

im going to spend the entire afternoon at the park.. on the swings, by myself.. ::happiness::

i love you james.

2004-11-10 07:02:13 ET

no you dont you wanna be away from me!

actually thats ok.

oh yeah robby can do my brakes for $90 parts and labor!

2004-11-10 07:04:26 ET

okay, dad will give u 90$ and u have to pay him back 40 of it coz you did 50$ worth of work on saturday.

2004-11-10 08:19:59 ET

k, but im still gonna need gas!

2004-11-10 08:27:52 ET

ugh, ur rackin up a bill here.

135 for the first dentist visit.
25+25 for the medication

2004-11-10 08:59:18 ET

well i know this it will get paid back, also im gonna try tp work from 9 to 6 if not 10 to 6 i need to!

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