im so bored
2004-11-10 07:57:45 ET

something just doesn't seem right in my world..

2004-11-10 09:00:11 ET

wow my front porch looks funny!
kinda extra green.

2004-11-10 09:10:45 ET

ya i threw extra green in there.

2004-11-10 11:49:17 ET

i like the contrast in that... tis really cool

2004-11-11 04:25:55 ET

ya i wanted the trees to seem.. un-naturally green.. i did a good job i think..

2004-11-11 06:24:55 ET

yea it's got like a dream sorta color to it

2004-11-11 06:29:20 ET

i like it coz the way i see it is like that world is beautiful in color and vibrant, but i am dull and colorless, like i dont belong.. ehh, sounds quite emo but i like it.

2004-11-11 09:30:53 ET

yea... that's just kinda sad though... but i understand what ya mean

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