sooo cool
2004-11-14 08:28:46 ET

so now that i have netscape instead of IE, and coz i put a skin on it called "toyland" this is what my screen looks like..

mm.. it looks like yummy candy

2004-11-14 08:41:51 ET

nice \m/...

like that files name... '2.2 gigs of wasted space' haha that's great

2004-11-14 16:52:04 ET

Ya. thats my mp3 folder... haha.. it is wasted space man!

2004-11-14 17:54:17 ET

haha... music is never wasted space!! haha... well it can be :::finger to chin:::

2004-11-15 01:37:46 ET

it is when im wasting it with every album by marilyn manson.. haha.. actually i got a lot of cool stuff in there too.

2004-11-21 14:48:10 ET

yea could always be worse ;-)

2004-11-21 15:24:17 ET

ya like.... uhh.. cannible corpse..

2004-11-21 15:33:52 ET

haha... it could also be worse then that... tough but i'm sure... it's very possible

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