2004-11-19 06:13:19 ET

i had typed this long thing talking about how i feel about m0xie giving the site away, but once i pressed "update journal" apparently my page had timed out or whatever, and it didnt post it, and it wouldnt let me go back.. ehh.. quick review of what i was gonna say is that its all m0xie's choice, and whatever he decides is prolly for the best.

so here's and image i jsut did.

2004-11-19 06:16:48 ET

I'm sorry -- this is a long-standing bug - I will fix it this weekend, I promise.

And thank you for your support.

2004-11-19 06:20:07 ET

ya, i really had this long thingy about it sayin that im sure its for the better and that you wouldnt pick and idiot who has no idea what hes doin to take it over.

we're all gonna miss you if u leave, tho

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