byebye cars
2005-09-01 10:10:39 ET

yeah, we're running out of gas, but we have more slowly comming back into the state..

some gas stations have shut down.. several actually. while others are illegally shooting their prices up to 4, 5, even 6$ a gallon.

good ole walmart gas station $2.89 a gallon.

i think if the state is gonna run out of gas then frantically running to get one more tank of gas isnt gonna help.

i think most of the stations out of gas are out coz everyone freaked out and bought all the gas.

..quite envious of the people whose cars run off of cooking oil..

2005-09-01 10:20:24 ET

grease cars rock!

if you want i can see about convincing my dad into doing that to the poop brown benz.

2005-09-01 10:53:14 ET

we could all drive hybrid cars that go 35 mph down the highway LOL

at that rate it would only take me... *thinks* 55 minutes to get to work. isnt improvising grand?

2005-09-01 11:14:18 ET

mm... i like the sound of that! i dont even wanna think of how long it would take me to get to Florida goin that slow!

lets wait out this gas "crisis" james.. ur dad wouldnt help us anyway.

2005-09-01 11:41:51 ET

the hybrids are too expensive.

2005-09-01 11:50:35 ET

my dad would help us out, after all he did try to fix your car!

there is nothing wrong with hybrid cars, and what your stating is false. hybrid cars go just as fast as normal cars, as a matter of fact faster due to the extra electronic engine. its electric cars that are slow...

but the solution can found in hydrogen, and ethenol.
also another good idea, well how about we stop driving SUV's, sounds crazy, but in brittan that is not crazy at all they have small cars that give 50 miles per gallon, now thats good gas economy!

but i say fuck spending $3+ on gas i live 3 miles away from work, im riding my bike.

my shitty 3 color honda civic has become a luxury to drive it, and i shall treat it as that.

2005-09-01 12:59:09 ET


yesterday some people spent over 100$ filling up the tank on their SUV!! a lot of people filled up their boats' gas tank for some stupid reason too.

2005-09-03 11:18:42 ET

i was j/k about the 35 mph thing... i've never driven one... i'm not knocking them.

2005-09-03 13:08:23 ET

sorry, im stressed about this gas shit.

ive been on edge talking about bomb threat and whatnot(just joking though)

i didnt mean to sound like i was attacking you either.

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