"that's hot"
2005-09-01 13:04:45 ET

[/removed image]
*edit* i took the picture down coz james said "that doesnt do you justice"

11 lbs down, 5 to go.

2005-09-01 13:05:51 ET

You have a cute tummy!

Looks good, keep it up!

2005-09-01 13:06:21 ET

thank you!

its gettin better everyday!

2005-09-01 13:07:28 ET

What're you doing, exercise and food-wise?

2005-09-01 13:12:22 ET

well, with the food, really all ive done is cut out sodas and most snacks (although i still allow myself some snacks) and i try to eat more apples between meals to tide myself over.

with exercise, i walk 3 miles everyday and use the Ab Scissor for 15 minutes twice a day.

but within a week of just cutting out the sodas i lost 8 lbs.

2005-09-01 13:14:14 ET

Wow, how much soda did you drink in the first place?

And you realize most your weight is in your butt, right? Don't get rid of that though.

2005-09-01 13:16:23 ET

hahahaha, yes yes, most of it is in my enormous behind.
my b/f would freak if i lost my butt!

well, i used to drink a lot of soda! like i think i actually went 2 months without any water coz i only drank soda. so it was a lot.

i started getting what looked like a beer belly from the carbonation and i was like EW! no!!

2005-09-01 13:19:26 ET

I'd get furious if you lost your butt, because there's no way to transfer that lost weight into mine, and that's just not fair.

Yeah the sodium in them will do that as well. I'm a water-fiend, so my belly is just fat, not soda. :p

2005-09-01 13:23:15 ET

hahaha. sit around and eat candy ur butt will get big.

well, mine has a nice layer of fat too.. thats whats takin a while to lose. but a squishy tummy is cute!

2005-09-01 13:40:17 ET

Nah my thighs get hit first-then I get a nice even layer aalll over the rest of my body. Besides, I don't really like candy.

I agree, squishy tummies are cute. I would never want to lose all my tummy.

2005-09-01 18:59:24 ET

haha.. man, fat sucks.

but yes.. soft tummys are great!

2005-09-05 11:24:03 ET

Hey, your webpage looks awesome. Right on

2005-09-05 17:28:21 ET

thank you! i took forever to make it nice.

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