Ether Radio
2005-09-13 03:40:14 ET

im responsible for opening the halloween store by myself today.. freaky.

preparing myself to lose my hearing again from another MSI show. kinda excited since its been a while since me and james went to a concert.

a weirdo guy came into my work and i think he was flirting with me, if he was he sucked at it. i dont know but he talked to me about totally useless stuff for like 30 minutes.. some junk about how he does security for Dragon Con and how he works for the Netherworld haunted house. im like, just coz i work for a halloween store doesnt mean im gonna care about some loser who cant get a job that lasts him longer than 1 month of the year.

**stressed out**

2005-09-13 04:01:43 ET

Haha poor guy, hope you have fun at the concert, god I wish I could go lol.

2005-09-13 14:35:06 ET

ya really, like i mean i love halloween and i do dress festive all times of the year, but this guy came in in all black with black hair, makeup and 2 crazy like wiccan necklaces and junk.. and im like, poor guy livin in a fantasy world.

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