2005-09-14 13:41:35 ET

i thought id try to have some fun and take some pictures at work.

i trained 3 new people today, they were pretty good at paying attention, but a boy that we hired yesterday is most likely getting fired, when i was telling them that one of the rules is "no cell phones" his phone rang. and he never made eye contact and he just kept playing with a box the whole time..

anyway.. here, enjoy.

me and freddy krueger!

me and a zombie!

2005-09-14 14:12:57 ET

i wanna work there!

2005-09-14 17:53:58 ET

ya, i love it, but it takes so long for us to get everything set up, and it only lasts for 3 months of the year.. i wish it was year-round!!

2005-09-16 03:44:58 ET

You work where I work! Holy crap! And you're all up on my man! Holy shit!

2005-09-16 10:00:26 ET

i been workin for spirit for.. hmm.. 3 years now. and he's not anyones man anymore, he was just recalled we had to take him off the sales floor today, coz he caught on fire at one of our other stores.

what state/city is your store!?

2005-09-16 10:01:13 ET

scratch that, freddy krueger is your man. the zombie is the recall.

2005-09-16 12:02:23 ET

lol! holy crap the zombie spontaneously combusted???

2005-09-16 12:48:27 ET

ya! like at i think.. one of our stores in atlanta.. like they had it on and it just caught on fire, so we got an email saying "pull all Zombies SKU#blabla from the sales floor immediately until further notice".. tis crazy!!

2005-09-16 14:46:20 ET

that sucks.

2005-09-17 17:20:07 ET

Antipathy: No, the headless guy was recalled. Freddy Krueger is my man. My store is in Monterey, California.

2005-09-18 03:23:11 ET

no it wasnt the headless guy, i checked the sku and everything.

unless you guys had to pull the headless guy too.

is it a consignment store in california too? or still run by spencers?

2005-09-18 03:57:40 ET

neat pictures. seems like a fun job.

2005-09-18 07:01:04 ET

We didn't have to turn in Freddy, but they recalled our headless guy.

And we're still technically owned by Spencer's. But this particular store is franchise, and is nothing like working for Spencer's. Except maybe the frequency with which I sell fart-joke merchandise.

2005-09-18 09:36:42 ET

its the exact same here, its owned by spencers but run by independant people. i know that back when i first worked for spirit it was actually run by spencers and it was so different, the managers were strict and it was crazy.. its much more fun as a franchise

Jade: its an awesome job, i wish it was year round

2005-09-19 00:54:16 ET

Yeah. I love my job. High five for working at Spirit. </weird cheerleader mode>

2005-09-19 04:16:40 ET


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