2005-09-18 03:31:53 ET

me and my dad went to our good friends wedding last night. James was supposed to go and had a little name tag and everything but he thought it was going to be boring and was being a little baby coz "i just had court, im stressed" anyway the groom is about 20 years old and the bride is spanish so the preacher was repeating everyhting in spanish.

it was boring at first, but at the reception it was awesome. i mean, we didnt know anyone at all except the bride and groom but we got along.

my dad drank 7 martinis (which he was eventually calling "Martooni's")
and he refused to leave until he got a dance and he ended up dancing with a 15 year old girl. he was so picky, he wouldnt dance unless it was a 70's disco song.

it was interesting driving my dad home when he was like.. trashed.
he kept sayin "i shouldve asked the girl at our table if she would dance, she looked like a bit of a floosey"

2005-09-18 04:46:44 ET

seeing parents off their face can be rather funny.

2005-09-18 05:04:27 ET

the last time i went to the bar with my parents, my mom ended up dropping her pants and peeing in the parking lot. sooooo funny! sounds like your dad had a good time! :D

2005-09-18 06:49:41 ET

your dad sounds pretty funny. hehe martooni's.

2005-09-18 09:39:21 ET

my dad is a weirdo! but seeing him drunk and dancing disco dances was hilarious.. haha.. martoonis.

i think id freak if my mom peed in a parking lot!

ohh, and my dad sang a song to the bride.. haha.

2005-09-18 12:15:30 ET

floosey...that's one of my favorite words!

2005-09-19 04:17:57 ET

haha.. it is an amusing word

2005-09-19 08:22:12 ET

how did she look like a floosey? Just wondering so I know what they look like too.

2005-09-19 17:48:33 ET

she was more open and outgoing and seemed less like she had a stick up her butt, more like she was there to have fun

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