2005-09-23 04:19:37 ET

its not like i want the cops to arrest him.. i just want them to at least act like this is a scarey situation..

i asked the cop.. "so, are you saying youre not gonna do anything until all the sudden i go to work one day and am never seen again?"

he just said "theres no law against being creepy"

arent there stalking laws??

the cop didnt care.. like im just some little girl getting mad about a guy flirting with her.. this isnt flirting, this is preparation for a kidnapping.

2005-09-23 08:47:57 ET

I hate that they don't take something like that seriously. Was he doing it again?

2005-09-23 09:42:48 ET

he can't be nabbed for sexual misconduct or something with that whole talking about u in skimpy outfits?

2005-09-23 11:11:48 ET

nope, the cops cant do shit untill its to late.

2005-09-23 15:51:32 ET

exactly, i told them about his "request" (which he asked 3 times) and the cop didnt say anything but "theres nothing i can do" and "do you know his name?" NO i dont know his name what do they expect me to do? "hi mr kidnapper, what is your first and last name and address?"

he didnt come in today, but i know he will come in again.. and every time im alone or in the dark im scared to death now, especially since he was lookin at my car and maybe gettin my tag number

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