Spirit Hair
2005-10-06 13:10:37 ET

we had fun testing out the hair color at work today..

and my manager tested some "dead guy grey" make-up on me.. it was funny coz it was the same color as my skin.. you couldnt even tell i had it on.. haha.
she said "man faith! get some sun!!"

2005-10-07 07:32:54 ET

colours are fun.

2005-10-08 06:39:34 ET

ya except now my scalp is pink!

2005-10-09 03:24:38 ET

Awesome hair.

2005-10-10 04:40:40 ET

it's still sexy.

2005-10-12 02:10:56 ET

haha.. i think its silly but ok

2005-10-12 06:04:40 ET

Well, I'd take you home even with silly hair. :)

2005-10-14 17:09:00 ET


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