i hate gay people
2005-10-17 12:34:38 ET

im sorry, i really do hate gay people. not coz theyre gay but coz they are suck drama queens.

this one homo at work is mad coz i dont say please and thank you to him. and he gives me an attitude everytime i ask him to do something.

like today i said, "can you watch the register while i put these costumes back?" he said "no, you have eyes you can do it yourself" he wouldnt even watch the register while i was in the restroom.

oh well, 2 weeks left, its not worth getting angry about coz its not like the manager is gonna fire him when we only have 2 weeks left.

2005-10-17 14:34:46 ET

they are drama queens, that's right...

2005-10-17 14:42:32 ET

its annoying

2005-10-17 14:48:41 ET

especially if they are in love with u.

2005-10-17 15:22:25 ET

this dose seem to be a problem

2005-10-18 06:31:53 ET

i would do something about it, but im sure it would get blown out of propotion, and would be considderd a hate crime.

2005-10-19 09:24:40 ET

it would coz anytime someone does something against him he says its coz he's gay.

im listening to the rehab cd and this works towards this situation:

"this is a load of crap"

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