a rock and a hard place
2005-10-21 03:56:31 ET

me and james are gonna be gettin married in less than 2 months. i dont know how to tell my family in florida (my mom, grama, aunt.. etc) they are gonna flip. oh well, as long as my dad is okay with it (he is) then its all good.

i thought maybe i would just send them a post card that said "i changed my name".. too vague?

2005-10-21 05:35:55 ET

so, married, then he goes to jail? sunds reasonable. (dripping with sarcasm)

2005-10-21 06:27:15 ET

who died made you dr.phil?

yes im on felony probation, that doesnt mean im a fucking retard.
ive abstained from anything that could possibly get me in trouble.

i dont smoke dope, shoot dope, or snort it, anymore.
so why dont you be a ray of sunshine somewhere else.

2005-10-21 06:48:18 ET

wasn't talking to you.

You'll be back to your old ways soon enough. It's unfair to drag her down with you, so man up and cut her loose to live her own life.

2005-10-21 07:04:56 ET

im glad you think have the moral high ground on this one.

2005-10-21 07:22:11 ET

i do have the moral high ground. you are a selfish person by dragging her into your personal hell.

2005-10-21 09:06:15 ET

for someone who's older id think you would considder more than just one post that my soon to be wife wrote about.

but it seems that you are no better than a 16 year old out to stir the shit up with a stick, just waiting for the drama to bubble.

your not worth my patience, be negative to someone else.
we dont need it!

2005-10-21 10:16:54 ET

selfish boy, ruining 2 lives or more. shame on you.

2005-10-21 13:24:49 ET

there is no reason to be arguing over this.

i mean, there have been mistakes and yes james is depressed alot and i dont like it, but i made a promise even before this marriage stuff that i would be there for better or for worse.

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