April + 2 babies = crazy april
2005-11-16 09:01:54 ET

my sister is having her little girl today!

with a son who just turned 1 in August and this new baby, i think she's gonna stab her eyes out. but im sure that the love she has for them will take over and she wont care how stressful it is.

sometimes im jealous that she has a little family and a son and daughter to love so much and im just sittin here still living with my dad, but then i realize that it would suck if i had a family before im out of college, coz with our income now, i wouldnt be able to give my kids everything i want to give them.

oh well, i have a nephew and new little niece to care about right now!

2005-11-16 09:06:07 ET

aww congrats!

2005-11-17 07:46:06 ET

thank you! i cant wait till i go see them for thanksgiving!

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