2005-12-01 11:26:14 ET

i had to get some immunizations today, for school.

well, apparently ive never had the chickenpox, or even a chickenpox immunization.. so i go to the doctor and i already have a cold so i look like death today (well, thats what my dad said). i didnt freak out as much as i had expected about the needles.. it went fine.. but as i was leaving i felt lightheaded and very very sick. by the time i made it to my car i was sure i was gonna puke.. so i got in the car.. kept the door open (in case i did puke) and sat there. everything got blurry and white and i couldnt hear anything but ringing then i blacked out for like 10 or 15 minutes. i woke up and i was shaking like weird-like, and i couldnt see anything for a few seconds, i had no idea where i was or what happend.. i just sat there a bit then i drove home and passed out.


worst reaction from a couple of shots ever.

and then i get home and get this bad news from james : Abnormal X-Rays

2005-12-01 12:43:46 ET

no the worst reaction to injections is overdose death.

2005-12-01 13:21:18 ET


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