Ice Skating
2005-12-17 14:06:55 ET

me and james and our buddy (who is recently divorced) went ice skating and we had a lot of fun, but unfortunately my digital camera was broken during all this fun.. at first i was angry that i lost a 400$ peice of equipment.. but its all good i got a better camera and i got it at a low price coz it is discontinued and coz i got the display one. evidence of it's greatness:


my Dad

Raine Meowing


2005-12-17 18:24:10 ET

awww i love these pics! the kitties are sooo cute and your dad looks like a lot of fun, lol!

2005-12-17 23:36:26 ET

your dad oddly reminds me of John Malkovich

2005-12-18 06:51:57 ET

Aminals!!! I wuv kitties!!!!

2005-12-19 11:03:24 ET

hey youre right..(i had to google john malkovich, haha)
my dad is a silly little man, this camera is awesome, with my other one if the cats sniffed the camera when i took the picture it would be out of focus, but this is sharp!

2005-12-20 10:24:12 ET

now if he sounded like him as well, he could impersonate him and rake in the dough! lol.

2005-12-21 07:23:54 ET

my dad is too goofy for that, he'd start cracking old 1950's jokes.
like his favorite:
wife "hey i lost 10 pounds"
husband "turn around and you might find them"

2005-12-21 20:44:02 ET

two cannibals were sitting at a fire - one said to the other: gee I can't stand your mother-in-law. The other one looked back and said: then just eat the mashed potatoes. =)

2005-12-22 08:33:12 ET

that's awesome

2005-12-24 11:16:25 ET

=P ...thank you... heh

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