Super Size Me
2006-02-09 06:20:51 ET

everytime i watch Super Size Me i get more and more disguisted with fast food. and it makes me think about what happens to some food after i ingest it. its like.. when you eat all you think is.. "mm, this is yummy" but you have no idea whats really in the food.

if my dad wasnt so cheap i would only eat fresh organic foods, but hes like "no, bologna is fine.." he thinks that the only thing a human needs to survive is sandwhiches. i seriously think he eats 3 sandwhiches a day and coffee.


2006-02-09 06:42:41 ET

i'll make some real chicken nuggets, and fries for you.

2006-02-09 10:45:25 ET

the sandwich thing sounds like my dad ROFL... though he eats butter/pb&j sammichs too... which is weird.. ROFL.... but seriously, dun watch that show anymore, it's nasty.. we dun need a reminder of how bad that stuff is for our body... ;)

2006-02-10 04:46:38 ET

ya i know. its just sickening to watch it man!

and with my dad its like every week the grocery list just consists of sandwhich stuff and cereal.

james we need to get a fry daddy

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