2006-03-23 06:07:45 ET

you shouldve seen it, me running around the house goin yes yes yes! and jumping around.

i checked to see when the HIM tickets where going on sale and it said there was an internet presale so i grabbed my dads credit card, frantically filled out the info and BAM! i got me some tickets!! YES YES YES! i was so freaked out about going to Publix ticketmaster and having to fight the crowds of goth kids waiting to buy tickets, but thank you woohoo!

you dont understand.. im ecstatic.

2006-03-23 06:51:44 ET

you're in

2006-03-23 11:13:15 ET

it cost 76 bucks, NO NO NO, your dad is mad at you now, NO NO NO!!!

2006-03-23 12:41:07 ET

i know it costs alot, and i know dad is angry.. but i dont care.

2006-03-24 05:04:20 ET

whatever, im cool.

now if we could smuggle condoms filled with mayonase to drop on the goth kids from the balcony.

2006-03-26 04:34:12 ET

ew. no.

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