Colostomy Bag
2006-03-26 05:06:39 ET

So me and James went to see a band last night. It happend to be that my ex-boyfriend, David, is in the band. Me and him are still cool and all, but I hadn't seen him in 2 years so I was a little bit nervous about seeing him again. Everything went okay, but still, I felt like there was a brick in my stomach. I know I couldve been more talkative, but nothing seemed to make that feeling go away.

Here are pictures tho:

This is the people there and the singer of the band

The crowd again.


Colostomy Bag

2006-03-26 07:54:08 ET

i stole his soul, STOLE HIS SOUL!!!

2006-03-27 07:35:24 ET


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