2006-04-28 07:43:11 ET

it wasnt a heart attack! it was just coz McDonald's makes horribly unheathly food!

the doctor told me, the combination of mcdonalds food and caffeine (which i havent had in like 4 months) basically freaked my body out so much it felt like i was having a heart attack.

she told me to just avoid those kind of foods.

im so relieved. altho my dad is upset that it cost him 235$ just to have a doctor tell me not to eat fast food..

2006-04-28 07:58:58 ET

it felt just like a heart attack.

it was worth, now we wont live in fear of the unknown.

also now all vandalism done to the micky d's is justifiable.

2006-04-28 08:10:43 ET

it is pretty toxic food. but remember, it was in combination of the coca cola..

man, that sucks. actually, the thing is, i beleive this came on because of that night's dinner and because for the past month or so we've been eating fast food every single night.

2006-04-28 08:30:29 ET

I went to the ER at a sisular age

2006-04-28 09:22:24 ET

So tell him "oh yeah, they also found cancer. How's that make you feel about your $235?"

2006-04-28 17:15:32 ET

hahahaha.. i should do that! i'll admit i made it seem worse than it was when i told him what the doctor said so he would think i didnt waste his money going there.

but she said i wasnt stupid for making an appointment because apparently what happened to me as she said "feels almost exactly like you're having a heart attack"

2006-04-28 17:21:39 ET

Dang, I didn't know that was possible! Did you have a real quick heart beat or what? In any event, perhaps it's good to know what it's like? heh

2006-04-29 06:11:12 ET

no it wasnt a heartbeat thing at all really, to explain it best i would say it felt like someone used a chestspreader on my chest(ya know the things morticians use?) and then two seconds later it felt like a harpoon went through my upper back. it hurt for about 20 mintues then faded away.

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