I just had to..
2005-01-28 08:46:37 ET

Ten people i enjoy the company of:
1. Heidi
2. Stefan aka NightShade :)
3. Nabohanne
4. Marit
5. Thale
6. Christine
7. Jorunn
8. My mum
9. My dad
10. My brother

Nine people I miss more than anything:
1. My mum
2. My dad
3. My brother
4. Heidi
5. Nabohanne
6. Marit
7. Christine
8. Thale
9. Jorunn
10. Stefan aka NightShade :)

Eight things im wearing:
1. Turquise, woolen sweater
2. Black, pinstriped pants
3. A neclase
4. Two silver bracelets
5. A black, thin sweater
6. Black Snoopy socks
7. Black underpants
8. Black bra
9. Makeup
10. Doghair :D

Seven things on my mind:
1. sex
2. Red wine
3. My dog
4. I'm freezing!
5. Kelis - Trick me
6. sex
7. When does the bus go to town ?

Six items i touch everyday:
1. Dog
2. Water
3. Cellphone
4. Housephone
5. The remotecontroll to the tv
6. My computer

Five things i do everyday:
1. Walk my dog
2. Go to work (exept on weekends)
3. Shower
4. Eat
5. Read

Four things i want to do before i die:
1. Go to Egypt
2. Get married
3. Have children
4. Travel!

Three things I think of when i wake up:
1. Gawd, I'm tired..
2. I have to let out the dog!
3. Turn of that goddamn alarm!

Two of my favortie foods:
1. My mums homemade pizza! :)
2. Pasta *drool*

One person i love:
1. Ehh, I can't name only one, I'm sorry :)

2005-01-28 12:18:46 ET

you can name 8 things youre wearing but not one person you love?

sex is usually on my mind too. haha

2005-01-28 12:59:17 ET

I said I can't name ONLY one, there are too many to name just one :) My parents, my brother, Heidi, Nabohanne, Marit, Hans Kristian osv, I love all of them, not everyone the same, but my parents and my brother I love to death, I can't say one and not the others :)

2005-01-28 15:10:49 ET

i agree with you on that! i wouldnt be able to name one person i loved! if i said james (my b/f) id have to say my daddy and brother..

random thought: love is grand!

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