I want to scream.
2005-05-09 08:24:31 ET


'nuff said.

2005-05-09 10:17:19 ET

Oh my god, me too.

2005-05-09 11:10:45 ET

Different reasons, but same reaction. ;)

2005-05-09 11:13:19 ET


2005-05-09 12:04:59 ET

what is your reason? (not to be nosey... well.. yes to be nosey)

2005-05-09 18:35:03 ET

me too.

2005-05-09 19:09:19 ET

The memory of a certain someone, and our conversations..drives me mad with desire for him, and well he knows it!
(I don't feel even the slightest guilt about him going crazy too, he deserves it!)
And if he doesn't get to borrow a car and come see me this weekend, I will swear so loud, so long and so hard, that sailors will flee before me in the streets!!

2005-05-09 19:39:10 ET

I told someone how much I love them and how painful it is for me that they don't love me.

And he really took it badly.

2005-05-10 02:44:47 ET

meg: Oh shit. That is a very good reason to scream. *hugs*

2005-05-10 07:47:24 ET

*hugs to both of you*

2005-05-10 10:38:01 ET

not to say that you guys have terrible lives (dont take this a bad way)

but sometimes hearing these emotional problems makes me realize how stable my life is with my significant other.

2005-05-10 11:39:03 ET

hihihi, no problem ;)
I'm very happy for all those who have a good relationship, I envy them, but not in a "I hate you for having something I don't have" sort of way, but in a "I hope I will have that too, someday"-way :)

2005-05-11 11:29:10 ET

one day you will, everyone will eventually.. i dont like to focus on the fact that i have a loving stable relationship tho coz it seems as tho every time i think of how great it is, it screws up!

2005-05-11 11:37:41 ET

Don't jinx it by saying it out loud, know the feeling :)

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