2004-02-19 22:07:10 ET

This migrane totaly sucks my lef nut! I can't sleep because of it either.

Uneventful day. I'm very indifferent to the world right now, but man some of these girls today... =)

2004-02-19 22:12:09 ET

i got some darvacet in my bag that i'm not using..*ponders* wait..i so sound like a drug dealer right now...*smacks own hand* bad me!

2004-02-19 22:14:42 ET

yes, bad! there will be no dealing of drugs here. oh the pot and mushroom comments??? um i never inhaled and those spores are for a school project... uh oh

2004-02-19 22:15:34 ET

you forgot the quotes on the "school project" ;)

2004-02-19 22:18:19 ET

ooops ummmm well they are for just that tho :D

2004-02-19 22:19:56 ET

yes yes..special "science projects" ooh no better yet "health projects" to test the effects on the human body *nodnod*

2004-02-19 22:20:54 ET

good thinking, i was going to say a psycological experiment. very doable i think

2004-02-19 22:21:34 ET

oh yes..psychology annnnd health that way you can test twice as often haha

2004-02-19 22:23:34 ET

lmao excellent! wanna be a test subject?

2004-02-19 22:25:56 ET

i'll pass, i'm lil and i'd freak out...i'll be the "doctor" haha

2004-02-19 22:26:06 ET

i am going to be a psychology major *nodnod*

2004-02-19 22:28:20 ET

excellent! thats what i am going to major in... when i go to school that is. yea if you have any doubts about taking a drug dont do it, it will be horrible for you.

2004-02-19 22:30:01 ET

i'm actually a criminology major right now but i think i'm going to switch to a psychology major with a crim minor

2004-02-19 22:30:08 ET

by the by i like your background

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