2004-02-20 20:40:04 ET

I finally looked at my schedule. And wouldn't you know it? I work at 7 fucking A.M., which means I have to be up at 5 A.M.

Damn you schedule making gods! Damn you straight to hell!

2004-02-20 20:46:32 ET

*waves a spork at those who made the schedule* you go to hell...you go to hell and you die!

2004-02-20 20:48:07 ET

hahaha woooo someones one my side! wouldn't be so bad if i didn't live almsot 45 min outta town because of the ice

2004-02-20 20:49:24 ET

damn that sucks! that's why I don't have a job while i'm at school anymore. i tried working at my regular job and going to school and damn that sucked, cause i worked an hour away from campus.

2004-02-20 21:54:50 ET

i sleep till about 12, ill pass on a few of those hours to you. :)

2004-02-21 19:34:51 ET


Sara: yea you know my pain then it totally blows...

2004-02-21 19:35:44 ET

dude everything blows lately haha

2004-02-21 19:55:13 ET

yea cuz... ummmmm everything does blow lol

2004-02-21 19:57:32 ET

and i just said "dude" ....*smacks self*

2004-02-21 20:03:16 ET

:P i say dude lol

2004-02-21 20:10:55 ET

haha i try not too, but i say a lot of stupid things so ..yeah..i guess dude isn't soo bad. :D

2004-02-21 20:15:54 ET

its okay you could be like saying like, like all the time like yea and stuff

2004-02-21 20:19:54 ET

umm...i say like...allll the time haha. it's annoying.

2004-02-21 20:22:58 ET

hahahaha oops as long its not every other words its all good

2004-02-21 20:31:17 ET

oh no..not every other word, i just use it when i'm talking about what people have said and such

2004-02-21 20:35:18 ET

oh i do that too... it annoys me when i do it because most of the time i don't realise it until its too late

2004-02-21 20:39:24 ET

i'm the same way..i'll say it a whole bunch and then realize i did ti when people start laughing

2004-02-21 20:45:14 ET

lmao i hate that. you're left there going doh!

2004-02-21 20:47:56 ET

just back away sloooooowly ;)

2004-02-21 20:50:14 ET

yea kinda like backing away from an angry dog? slowly and hope he doesn't notice you?

2004-02-21 20:51:08 ET

hmm i don't have many problems with angry dogs..but yes that may work heeh

2004-02-21 20:52:41 ET

lol, angry dogs are the worst. especially those bull mastiffs... mmmm i think thats correct spelling

2004-02-21 20:55:44 ET

hahah i'm going to have one of those one day. my friend matt was "attacked" by one one day, cause he well...doesn't understand that you don't stare down a dog that is bigger than you. haha

i've been bit in the face by 3 dogs..you'd think i'd be frightened of them, but i love dogs

2004-02-24 08:27:21 ET

Lmao yea you don't wanna stare down a huge dog unless you have a weapon. seriously.

Man I stopped liking dogs so much when my neighbors dog chased me down and took a chunk outta my ass... it hurt

2004-02-24 08:51:11 ET

i've been bitten on my chin by a german shepard, on my lip by some small dog which left a scar, and then on my forehead by a doberman which left a scar. haha. none of them were the dogs fault, they weren't like attacking me on purpose i was just in the wrong place at the wrong time so yeah that sucks.

2004-02-24 09:50:45 ET

well that still sucks, bad luck. Yea ever since that dog attacked me I stopped liking dogs. oh well. Sigh, I don't think I did anything to provoke it either...

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