Yea sometimes I wonder about myself
2004-03-09 08:09:40 ET

Awh hell, my dreams are just getting wierder. Had that recurring dream where I end up get cut into little pieces by people that I seem to recognize... Man I hope dreams aren't in anyway a connection to your real self.

Anyways my managers are dousche bags. I'm supposed to get free food in the morning cuz I'm an opener. Well my manager didn't see it that way. So yesterday I went without food, it sucked, I mean I'm already skinny enough and eat like an elephant so I'm quite sure not eating wont make me gain weight... Stupid metabolism.

2004-03-09 08:15:25 ET

I see you have a quote from Jung up there... Maybe look into a little freud to figure out you dreams...

cutting up.. are you fighting with anyone or being influnced in different ways by them?

2004-03-09 08:18:47 ET

Freud is not someone I think I would put complete trust in.... Though he is an insanely fascinating historical character, Yes I have studied him.

I'm always in an argument of some sorts whether it be with myself or a third party. And usualy I'm not the one being influenced so I guess it leaves the fighting stance.

2004-03-09 08:19:39 ET

Oh i don't ask that you put complete trust in anything. just consider all ideas and make your own conclusions

2004-03-09 08:26:29 ET

Freud kinda scares me honestly... I dunno but i dont shut out ideas

2004-03-09 08:30:30 ET

a little bit too much about sex?

2004-03-09 08:47:12 ET

speaking of dreams...i had a dream the other night that i was a vampire, but i kept on having to be staked and then "reborn" or was the most bizarre thing ever.

ok just wanted to share. :D

2004-03-09 09:37:04 ET

Wow thats a sweet dream, I have another recurring one where I turn into a werewolf and just rip shit up. It's wierd especially when I started killing people I know.

Yea he's a little too much obsessive about sex... But damn he was interesting

2004-03-09 17:43:16 ET

i didn't kill anyone in my dream, just went around and did cool stuff, i don't really remember, but i do remember the feeling of being staked and turning into ash, it was very weird feeling. and i could feel it...oddness

2004-03-09 19:35:06 ET

i have dreams like that too. But turning into ash? thatd be a wierd feeling

2004-03-10 07:49:49 ET

most bizarre..dun wanna feel it again that's for sure haha

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