Goin out to cause trouble!
2004-04-08 08:02:47 ET

But theres too many surveilance cameras around town soooooo

insta not get caught

2004-04-08 08:03:53 ET

i dunno. i'd look for someone wearing that shirt.

2004-04-08 08:04:23 ET


fucking NERD.

2004-04-08 08:05:20 ET

haha, You look like you're going to kill someone or something :)

2004-04-08 08:05:57 ET

haha well.. SOMEONE is going to try and kill him for wearing those shorts ;)

2004-04-08 08:08:33 ET

shorts? crack head! I wear no shorts. I haven't for like the past 3 years... only for swimming.

I'd like to see em try see that knife in my right pocket?? yea :P

lol besides I was lookin for a reason to post something I'm soooo bored and waiting to go to work

2004-04-08 08:10:32 ET

that fruity ass mirror makes it look like youre wearing those stupid flowery hawaiian shorts

hee hee hee

2004-04-08 08:22:51 ET

eh bite me I didn't get to choose the mirrors that went in the house, yea I agree that is a fruity ass mirror

Yea thats right just call me NERD BOY! ;) fuck being normal

2004-04-08 08:23:48 ET

what and no comment on the beanie anyone? lmao

2004-04-08 08:34:31 ET

hahaha you wearing anything with pot on it is too normal for you to even TRY and comment on, matt.

it'd be like be commenting on the fact that youre wearing underwear. (for the sake of argument, pretend that you wear underwear on a normal basis.. hahaha)

2004-04-08 10:03:58 ET

Do we need to comment on the goggles and bandana too? :)

2004-04-08 11:01:03 ET

lmao oh yea.
That's actually the only pot related thing I have on some sort of clothing. I'm pretty sure.

Whats this underwear you speak of?

2004-04-08 12:30:18 ET

you remind me a lot of my friend chris...it's almost unreal

2004-04-08 19:26:36 ET

oddstar: is that a good or bad thing???

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