2003-07-20 17:13:24 ET

today i discovered that one of my sex fetishes is..listening to the misfits, which seems weird to me.

2003-07-20 17:20:56 ET

fukken eh!

hellz yeh gurl.

they are my fav and they sooo turn me on.

2003-07-20 18:03:28 ET

works for me

2003-07-20 18:50:32 ET

mine too danzig's voice just reminds me of elvis and it makes me a bit wild. i just have to dance aroung naked.

2003-07-20 22:59:33 ET

yeh i hope you are talking about glen danzig misfits.

n not the new ones,

2003-07-21 07:13:39 ET

i wanna makeout with a girl and have DIE DIE DIE MY DARLING repeating for like hours!!

2003-07-21 08:48:25 ET

oh god no!!

2003-07-21 09:04:43 ET

oh gawd yesssss!

2003-07-21 19:04:37 ET

mmmmm delicious

2003-07-21 21:35:31 ET


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