2003-10-28 08:42:38 ET

yaaay! it's almost halloween!! I'm gonna be a sassy sasssy nurse, i got my costume from the local porno store, woot!

2003-10-28 08:43:47 ET

sassy nurse=hella hot!!! I was going to go as a b-rate horror movie surviver...but my wife has to work late, so now I am just going as a school girl.

2003-10-28 08:49:07 ET

Hmmmm, sounds perty cute ! , what if you went trick R' treating
and some guy opened up the door looking like some really old
hippie dude , and gave you a joint the size of a canoe boat
for your "treat" - yes, that is what I predict will happen for
you on Halloweenie.

2003-10-28 11:02:37 ET

w00h00 sounds pretty sexay beepers

2003-10-28 20:28:49 ET


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