new pic!
2004-07-07 13:37:52 ET

Like a dork, i went to KISS all dolled up, lotsa old white trashy dudes gave me a high five. Also..notice my ULTRA CLASSY lincoln town car (i crashed my old car)

love beeeekeeeey.

(No wonder you wanted to be peter criss, nobody wants to be peter criss lois, not even peter criss)

2004-07-07 17:49:13 ET

d000d id love to see kiss

2004-07-09 06:13:30 ET

i did, it was awesome! lotsa old titties.

2004-07-09 07:45:21 ET


2004-07-14 20:19:27 ET

such a cutie.

2004-11-09 00:26:57 ET

where you be at!?
you need to update

2005-05-05 23:24:44 ET

i agree, update you slob !!!

2005-08-14 21:54:27 ET

wow, haven't heard from becky in over a year... so weird.

2005-08-26 12:00:54 ET

i live in kansas, too.

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