happy fuckn thanksgiving, my heart is broken.
2005-11-24 19:37:41 ET

Wow..this was such a happy holiday untill..
I went over to this boys house i was dating (jeremiah) to bring him some pie, cuz his family lives outta town, and i didnt want him to be alone.


i saw through his window, him getting reaaaal friendly with a young lady on the couch. My heart was broken. I chucked the slice of pie i brought him at his house, but it didnt make me feel better. Ill probably slash his tires or something juvinille like that later, which might make me feel a little better, but i doubt it. Needless to say im ending this thanksgiving with jack daniels and tear drop chasers. Im never going to find a nice normal boy, EVER! I probablly should not be sad right now, i should be happy i dogded such a fuck wad, but im not. I cant stop crying.

2005-11-24 20:43:50 ET

you could slash his tire with minimal satisfaction.
or you could add some crushed cork to the gas tank and then squeeze superglue into the keyhole on the doors...

2005-11-24 23:46:01 ET

or you can just fantasize about murdering him or something, and leave all the bad karma to him.

Oh, and it's SO much better to have someone to bring you pie than to have someone to get 'friendly' with, so though you may be hurting now, you're the one who's come out ahead.

"Any 'Major Dude' with half a heart surely will tell you my friend, any minor world that breaks apart falls togeather again..."

2005-11-25 01:18:05 ET

guys suck, shoot him in the ear real good with a squirt gun.

im sure youll find a decent guy...they're just sadly hard to come by.

2005-11-25 02:07:57 ET

unfortunatly, decent people are hard to come by in general.

2005-11-25 02:24:29 ET

true that.

2005-11-25 11:08:07 ET

Lars would know about decent guys being hard to come by, he's been trying for years!

2005-11-25 11:52:38 ET

too true ):

2005-11-25 15:19:40 ET

Want me to shank him?

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