2003-06-16 11:10:53 ET

whats have ya'll been doing with your summer? hmmm? i must know.

2003-06-16 11:14:48 ET

nothing really :-\

2003-06-16 11:27:22 ET

thats cool man

2003-06-16 11:31:48 ET

making noise...noise...and wait...more noise...

2003-06-16 11:39:06 ET

Looking for a job that isn't menial and degrading.

2003-06-16 11:48:10 ET

Working :(

2003-06-16 11:58:47 ET

buying a car see related post
chillin' with friends.
oh, did I say working?

2003-06-16 15:34:58 ET

lookin for a job, 80s clubs, a few gigs and shows, one or two parties, driving everywhere in this oppressive heat, playing with my makeup and clothes, hanging out w/ the gang, downloading music, cutting and sewing up some shirts

2003-06-16 15:34:58 ET

i missed you!

Nothing i have summer school and i'm starting a new job.

2003-06-16 16:11:49 ET


and seeing weird dog things in the woods with my friends after going to "gay 80s night" at the goth club on accident and then calling up the old art bell show to tell george about it. other then that just work. and i bought a new utility vehicle.

2003-06-16 16:52:07 ET

all of that sounds awesome, cept the sucky parts

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