2003-07-14 11:09:18 ET

fuck! i cannot find a job! oi..no money...

2003-07-14 11:12:08 ET

Marry a rich Texas oil tycoon. AND THEN KILL/.

2003-07-14 11:24:47 ET

jobs are a pain, but money is always good, its a very comprimising situation.

2003-07-14 11:35:56 ET

why must we turn tricks for the almighty dollar!

2003-07-14 11:36:51 ET

its ok.

2003-07-14 11:47:07 ET

here is my 3 step guide to getting a job.
1. lower your standards
2. prepare to lose most of your free time
3. sell your soul to the gods of capitalism

2003-07-14 14:05:35 ET

there aren't any jobs in my area and now i no longer havea car..i can't make rent..i'm going to die

2003-07-14 16:44:01 ET

that sucks. sell pot? hah

2003-07-14 18:03:05 ET

i'm thinking about selling my body actually

2003-07-15 11:12:21 ET

haha, no. that's not good. you'll get the clap that way.

2003-07-15 12:22:34 ET

I know the feeling, i need a job !

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