2005-06-29 18:13:10 ET

Well this is my first SK entry. I also have a xanga. Well I guess I will share a bit of my bio with you. I am 16, light brown hair, i have 2 piercings: eyebrow, and ear. I love different genres of music; rock, techno, celtic, metal, ect. Um...some of my fav bands are Evanescence, MM, NIN, ect. well thats all for now. BYE!

2005-06-29 18:52:35 ET

Welcome, my love.

2005-06-29 19:55:38 ET

howdy and welcome.

2005-06-29 23:16:57 ET

hella fuckin.

2005-07-03 16:02:54 ET

welcome. enjoy yer stay.

2005-07-04 08:46:46 ET

hello and welcome :)

2005-07-04 16:12:20 ET

welcome to SK. we don't bite unless asked ... and don't feed the inmates.

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