Um....oh yes! the update!
2005-07-07 08:08:54 ET

Hello, well I have to work today. Psss. Monday I goto the lake. Woo. And Nikki, yes one of the picture of my little bro in the 2nd galery is only for the HOTT guy. wow...he is sexy. But when i goto the lake I will go back to that ride just to see him, but this time if noone is around I want to actually talk to him, gosh i dont think i can do it, but i need encouragment. can i get that PLEASE!!! oh yes just to let you all know. Since you see me talking about a guy and noticably i am a guy....the thing is I am bi. lol. there all cleared now. BYE!!!
P.s if you got a problem with it...get over it...i dont care what you think. pssh!

2005-07-07 10:10:10 ET

aww good luck w/ the guy!

2005-07-07 10:17:21 ET

I don't think no one in SK will care. If they do who cares. I love ya n e ways. And don't be afraid to talk to the hottie he'll start lovin ya to once he gets to know ya ;) Mhmm ;) hehehe :P

2005-07-07 10:53:31 ET

aye he is hot

2005-07-07 18:04:32 ET

good luck with the guy.

what's wrong with bi?

2005-07-07 18:34:14 ET

nothing...thanks for the support....and nothing is wrong with beiong bi...hey look at it this get the best of both worlds...hehehe

2005-07-07 18:38:19 ET

i like the best of both worlds *giggles* it's more fun.

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