i've figured it out..
2004-06-26 15:02:05 ET

i know what i am waiting for now.. you see whenever i go out with a guy they seem to fall in love with me.. and unfortunately i don't always feel the same way.. and everytime someone falls for me i ask them why? what is so great about me? steve puts it simply "you make me feel like a million bucks" i want that.. i want to meet a guy that just makes my heart stop, puts butterflies in my stomach.. i want to feel completely overwhelmed.. and i don't want to settle for anything less.

in a way i think i've already found what i want...

p.s. still sick :(

2004-06-26 19:14:45 ET

butterflies in your stomach?
thats sounds like that would hurt

2004-06-28 11:46:09 ET

they wouldn't be REAL butterflies you nerd! lol.. they'd be the kind of butterflies you get when you have stage fright

2004-06-28 11:53:44 ET

they make me feel like puking.

2004-06-28 11:56:08 ET

thats no good.. they make me feel like blushing. which i do

2004-06-28 11:57:56 ET

maybe its a differnt species.

2004-06-28 11:58:07 ET

i think so.

2004-06-28 11:58:54 ET

yours deals with circulation mine with digestive.

2004-06-28 12:01:26 ET

that explains it ever so perfectly.. what shall we call them?

2004-06-28 12:03:43 ET

i dunno.
i call it the crazies.

2004-06-28 12:10:14 ET

the crazies? yeah that makes perfect sense

2004-06-28 12:10:51 ET

do you have one?

2004-06-28 12:11:14 ET

someone that gives me the crazies?

2004-06-28 12:12:21 ET

sure, but what i mean to say is what would you call them

2004-06-28 12:13:33 ET

oh okay lol..

i like the crazies.. "yo doc.. i've got a bad case of the crazies, have you got a cure?"

2004-06-28 12:15:38 ET

then the "crazies" it shall be.

2004-06-28 12:18:22 ET

sounds good. i think it is very fitting

2004-06-28 12:31:22 ET

thank you.

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