2004-06-28 12:23:31 ET

How to make a Brown Eyed Girl

5 parts jealousy

5 parts arrogance

3 parts ego
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little sadness if desired!

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eww i sound so emo...

2004-06-28 12:30:14 ET

i thought you had to be attractive to be arrogant and have an ego..
guess i was wrong..

yes i am a mean person

2004-06-28 12:38:47 ET

just because it says i am arrogant and have an ego, doesn't mean i actually do.. its a computer generated analysis.. someone pays too much attention to that kind of thing

2004-06-28 12:40:45 ET


id like a venta moca tall please

2004-06-28 12:51:09 ET

get it yourself.

2004-06-28 12:52:13 ET

sorry, my thought patterns are crawling into obscurity, im on 52 hours sleep dprvation.

2004-06-28 13:37:44 ET

then why don't you go to sleep

2004-06-28 18:48:34 ET

Cause Apole can't think straight even with sleep, so it matters not the words that are typed.

2004-06-28 18:49:40 ET

cock my suck you canook

2004-06-29 05:06:38 ET

aahhh no fighting.

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