2004-07-11 07:07:10 ET

i can't take this anymore.. i can't keep having people come and leave my life.. everyone important leaves me.. i hate it.. my brother is moving in with my mom.. i can't stop crying.

2004-07-11 09:07:48 ET

I'm still here for you. Anytime... even at god forbid 11:30 am.

2004-07-12 03:37:15 ET

I feel that way alot too. It's terribly shitty. But it's time like these that you have to remember everyone you still have.. <3

2004-07-21 23:47:54 ET

know that you are loved.

2004-07-22 16:13:30 ET

sometimes its hard to remember you're loved.. when it seems like all around you is hate.

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