serenity now
2004-07-22 16:27:30 ET

so my camping trip went down the drain.. everyone got cranky after one night.. so we left.. the warden guy kept threatening us.. and then the firewood was all wet.. every bit we bought was wet.. so it sucked.. we packed up and left. not kewl

now i am at my sister's.. with my two neices who are 7 amd 4 and my nephew who is 7 weeks. i shall put up a picture as soon as i figure out how.

screaming at kids is not kewl.. why do they cry all the time? lol.. oh man in the past 4 days i have been here i have had to raise my voice once.. 5 mins ago

one of my best friends in the world hates my boyfriend.. it makes things awful.. tense. and it sucks. it ruins our friendship. on a good note my boyfriend started to clean up his act..

shouldn't friends come first?

2004-07-22 16:59:27 ET

what act?

2004-07-22 17:00:39 ET

bros before hos.
or so the saying goes.

2004-07-22 17:09:43 ET

his act of dropping outta school, smoking dope everyday.. and such.. now he is doing so great..

yeah bros before hos.. too bad this guy won;t do that

2004-07-23 09:07:24 ET

friends will be there before and after the boyfriend.

2004-07-23 09:30:36 ET

she does have a point.

2004-07-24 05:46:27 ET

unfortunately.. this friend doesn't think so

2004-07-24 08:26:46 ET

is this friend worth your time then?
If he/she won't stand by you after or during the boyfriend,
then is he/she really the friend you think he/she is?

2004-07-25 01:39:29 ET

hey quit saying the stuff i was thinking

2004-07-25 11:19:06 ET


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