so down it does
2004-07-30 04:37:38 ET

you know how life is a roller coaster? well what is it about my life that makes it go high for about 2 days.. and down for about 2 weeks.. here we go..

so my brother moved out about two weeks ago.. to live with out mother (whom i don't talk to)... then he went to my sister's for a week (where i had been staying) and then he came to my house yesterday so that today he could see my little sister taylor. now he's decided to move back here.. last night he told my nana (who lives with my father and i) that he is "never fucking coming back.. he is fucking leaving. he fucking hates this place" and then ran out of my house.. only after she said that she didn't want him to sleep on the couch anymore.. and few other small requests.. such as put his clothes away and clean up after himself. then my dad chased him down, brought him back into the house.. and when my nana said "come here peter i want to talk to you" he gave her the finger and walked downstairs..

this morning (the day my parents go back to court to settle child support) he told my alcoholic mother that he wants to live back here..

steve said that if he wants to come back here then he has either got to respect my nana and the rest of us that live in the house, or he shouldn't be coming back at all.. (steve's my boyfriend)

doesn't my brother realize that when he does this he breaks my heart? how many times am i going to have my heart broken?

2004-07-30 04:53:37 ET

Whoa buddy. I hope your brother can realize what he's doing to your family.

2004-07-30 10:36:03 ET

oh Rach..
im so sorry.

2004-07-30 10:55:46 ET

yeah i hope he realizes it to.. and i don't know.. i just need a rock.. i big rock so i can throw it at him.

2004-07-31 06:41:31 ET

I think he realizes some of his decisions were bad and is mad at himself for them. He's mad at himself and has no idea how to be mad at himself so he's taking it out those who love him.

2004-08-01 02:21:21 ET

but he's not mad at himself.. he's only mad cause things didn't go exactly how he had planned.. so he figures he can go back to his normal routine.. he doesn't fucking care about anyone

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